MixWork EDM60 Mixed Services
MixWork EDM60
The latest generation of high-performance drive tyre for on and off operations.
  • TOUGHNESS Excellent cut and chip resistance for challenging workplace application.
  • LONGEVITY Long lasting and durable structure for extended tyre life span.
  • CONTROL Outstanding traction for all on & off surface.
    Exceptional resistance to damage by compounds with advanced resistance for tread to cuts and tears.
    Durable casing design for maximum service life in demanding mixed work use.
    Latest pattern designed for maximized traction in harshest terrain.
    Size LI/SS Tread Depth M+S Label
    13R22.5 156/150K 20.5 E C 77dB C show label
    315/80R22.5 156/153K 21 E C 77dB C show label